Hot Hot Heat

This weekend I was staying with my girlfriend who happens to live on the third floor of an apartment where nobody has air conditioning. Her room also has only one window that can’t seem to harness a breeze. I don’t know how she can stand that Summer heat with only a small fan at night. I am spoiled as far as temperatures go at home since I am in the basement. When the air conditioning goes on and the cool air sinks, I am the one who ends up with all of it. There is always a noticeable temperature difference when I reach the top of the stairs. The heat on Saturday had me wanting to pull a Homer Simpson and hang out in a homemade sheet tent hooked to an open freezer. I didn’t get to do that so I mostly tried to move as little as possible in front of the fan with a wet rag.

Sunday wasn’t much better, as we then had to go to a time capsule opening event in Lambertville for the school’s 60th anniversary for her to film. Of course elementary schools don’t have air conditioning either so the auditorium full of adults was horribly stifling. I was fighting off the urge to pass out like I have in my past elementary school heat experience. The time capsule by the way had already been opened they found out and everything inside was destroyed. What a bummer. The highlight of relief turned out to be grocery shopping afterward because you can always count on them to have the store cooled down to a chilly temperature. A cool front moved in later in the day and that made sleeping comfortably a pleasant possibility again.

Luckily for DDA workers, our building is fully equipped with air conditioning at a comfortable level. We know it can get unbearable without it, thanks to the upstairs unit breaking down once before. Nice temperatures year-round let us focus on the work at hand instead of only how to keep cool or warm. That way the 3D animation, advanced programming, corporate video, digital photography, custom web design, copywriting, and more can all be worked on with clear heads in comfort. DDA offers all of these services and more and they are available for you today. Call us or schedule a visit and see what we can do for you.