How the Healthcare Sector can Leverage YouTube Potential

Cute animals, funny jokes, and out-of-this-world scenes aren’t the only focal points of the videos you’ll find on YouTube. In fact, YouTube is used as a resource for people to learn new things, see products in action, hear from industry experts, and so much more.  Since its inception, online video has become a powerful marketing tool, but is still often underutilized in the healthcare sector. One reason for this is the misconception that everything needs to go viral. There are many other objectives to consider, including: attract new patients; retain business; boost search engine ranking; enhance your professional reputation; and brand and foster relationships. On YouTube, viewers are proactively searching for a specific subject, and this platform provides you with an opportunity to reach a receptive and interested audience.

How do you start? Listed below is a step-by-step guide to producing successful online healthcare videos.

  1. Define the end goal: Is your objective to achieve substantial video views, convert viewers into patients, or encourage deeper engagement with your medical practice brand? Defining the end goal early on will help you develop appropriate content and delivery.
  2. Research keywords: Within any area of specialty, there are terms or keywords people use to find relevant information. Spend some time in the planning stages to research keywords that are relevant to your practice, so that your video will be represented among the top search results.
  3. Produce a high-end medical video: Although it seems anyone with a camera these days considers themselves to be a videographer, not everyone has the professional eye for the job. Contract a video production company. It is important that your video have a look and feel that is high-end, so that those who watch your video will perceive your services to be on an equally professional level.
  4. Complete video details: When uploading your medical video to YouTube, be sure to put important keywords at the front of your video titles, and include them in your description and tags. Allow your videos to be embedded outside of YouTube and receive greater exposure.
  5. Build a YouTube channel: When you have several videos, you can bring them together on your own YouTube channel.

As reported by YouTube, the platform receives more than 800 million unique visits each month. Tapping into this type of viewership will help your medical practice get the exposure it needs to grow exponentially. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), we have two divisions – Medical and Video – that work in tandem to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and compress successful online medical practice videos for YouTube. To find out more about this service, contact us at 215-355-6442 or