How to Arm Healthcare’s Front Line

After patients receive a diagnosis, what’s next, who do they talk to, where do they go for answers to their questions?

Nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, and physician assistants make up healthcare’s front-line staff. They assist with patients’ personal understanding of a diagnosis and prescription, address patients’ and care partners’ anxieties, and field questions about conditions and options. After patients receive a diagnosis, healthcare’s front-line staff is there to help. However, aside from the dialogue exchanged during patient interaction, there is little this front-line staff can provide. They can recommend health education websites where patients can find more information and, if they’re lucky, supply patients with generic printed hand-outs. Then, the responsibility is on the patient to go searching, make sense of it all, and figure out where their specific condition fits within the broad disease spectrum.

Today’s digital technologies offer a better way. Imagine this…

The general idea is a customized information pack in digital format, available 24/7 to patients and healthcare professionals. It is an online health portal full of educational materials provided by pharma and medical device marketers, and programmed for ease of use and web compatibility. For patients without Internet access, videos can be viewed during a consultation and hand-outs can be printed while they wait. For patients who have the latest tablets and smartphones, relevant health education materials can be obtained anywhere and at any time. Now, the search is done for the patient and he/she can focus on the information they need to digest to move forward with treatment.

In order to help healthcare’s front-line staff help patients, they need to be equipped with the right tools.

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photo credit: johncatral via photo pin cc