I hate to say it, but I mean it!

In the world of advertising, you hear many companies throw around the phrase “one-stop shop” to describe their capabilities/services/products. I have to admit that I’m tired of using it in my copywriting because, for me, it’s become that song on the radio that is played over and over again and at one time you loved grooving to the beat, but now when you hear it you can’t change the station fast enough. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose well. When consumers hear these buzzwords, they know they will only need to travel to one location or contact one organization to accomplish their every requirement.

DDA Medical is the one-stop shop (I know, I’m cringing) for medical marketing services. For example, one of our clients is a board-certified pain management physician who has two practice locations based in the Northeast. Initially, he contacted us for a medical logo design and brochure. We produced a variety of logo concepts, he and his partner chose their favorite, and we modified to exact specifications. For the brochure, we not only extended our brochure copywriting and design services, but we printed a quantity of 2,500 and shipped them to his practice. Pleased with our level of quality and responsiveness, he wanted to take advantage of our medical website redesign services. So, we produced a professional design and search engine optimization copywriting to fuel his site with the tools it needs to rank high on leading search engines for key terms related to his practice, location, and treatment services. While in development, he realized that a series of online forms would benefit his practice tremendously and our programmers were there to generate the forms accordingly.

Next, he asked us for business card designs and we delivered on a dime. And upon reviewing all of his marketing materials to date, he found that his referral forms could benefit from a redesign, and so we provided multiple concepts right away. There are literally tons of other ways we could help him market his practice, but for now I think that’s a good start. All of his materials were designed, developed, and produced in house, and all have a consistent look and feel. So, when I say DDA Medical is a one-stop shop, I hate to say it, but I mean it!