I have to do what?

Normally the, ‘I have to do what?’ is thickly laden with sarcasm.  Today, it’s not, it’s more of a question.  Being that it is Thursday and the end of the week, and with only two days of work next week, I’m actually having a difficult time answering that question.  We have a new server that probably needs to be tweaked, and lots of on-the-verge projects to get started on, but it feels weird to get anything started, because it will be a generally worse situation of distraction than anything I normally have to deal with.  Most days I finally get started on something and then am pulled in 50 directions during the course of trying to accomplish that one thing, leaving me wondering if I did the one thing to the best of my ability.

The reason I’m at this point is our latest large project has gone live, on Tuesday officially, with of course some minor tweaks that popped up post-launch.   The Next Icon is a site that students and coaches or scouts can sign up for and check out videos and stats of athletes that are looking to get noticed.  It was a project on a very tight time frame which called for too many concessions in process and planning, with very limited hand drawn plans and notes that were still deviated from.  The net effect was a continuously pushed back launch date due to changes that had to be made to fit what our client wanted.  Once again, this was a learning process for DDA, showing the definite need for better planning and having to watch what projects we have to undertake in what time frames.  Having great minds means nothing if we have to make the same changes back and forth several times, as time is still time, regardless of how well we do our programming, it’s going to take time to make changes to things already done.  It’s far better to head into a project knowing exactly what the end result needs to be rather than guessing at what is communicated, and then having to translate between technical and non-technical minds.  We have started becoming smarter with the planning, and hopefully as our projects get larger and more complex, we, and our clients, will have confidence that we’re giving the very best product.