I Spy

I spy with my little eye something that is white. Oh shucks, you got it already. It is the blog background color. You spy with your little eye something that is green. Hmm, my shirt, you green with envy of my cool shirt, dollar bills, or maybe that tree. The tree? Ok. To any company out there the green shirt I’m wearing seems appropriate since I am only seen to them as money. How they can extract as much money as possible from me is what they spend their time plotting. You have to be a really informed consumer to avoid all the pitfalls and traps of companies as they wring every extra penny from you they can. Even when you are getting a great deal, it’s probably at the expense of someone else being paid low wages under unfair working conditions, ala Walmart. Many times it’s someone in a sweatshop in some other country paying the price for your savings. They’ll try anything for more company profit.

I was recently annoyed by a car company that talked about half price cars on their radio ad. I wasn’t even looking for a new car, but the deal sounded so good I had to go. I rushed to New Jersey to get in on this 3-day grand opening sale deal and was not told of any catches on the phone when I kept asking questions. When I got there it quickly was revealed that this half price deal was a sham. “Drive off in a new (car brand) for half price” is a sales pitch without specificity. The car dealer informed me that it never said “lease,” but it also never said “buy.” The deal was in fact only for leasing and when the option to buy at the end of the lease came up, the price would again double back to the original price. I asked many questions on the phone, but apparently not the right ones and they weren’t eager to let me in on the catch. I left angry on a long drive home. Lesson learned.

My sister was lured in by a similar “deal” in a newspaper ad and she was informed that the deal was only for manual transmissions when she went many years ago. She ended up buying the full price car, so the car company’s plan worked. It’s no skin off their backs if you waste your time and money going there. If just one person buys a car by getting them lured into the dealership, then the dealership has won. It was annoying modification of a bait and switch that happens all the time around the world. I’ll admit that afterward my inner consumer had me itching for a new car, but I was able to beat it down with a shovel and continue with my initial plan of keeping my car until it dies. I don’t want the dealership to win.

DDA doesn’t outsource any work outside of the country for cheaper labor. We do everything in-house and even have our own video studio here with a green screen. Everything from 3D animation, to custom web design, to digital photography, to copywriting, to corporate video, to advanced programming, is all done here by our local staff. So don’t expect dirt cheap prices when you get a quote, but do expect top quality work and the ability to meet and talk to everyone face to face that is working directly on your project. In fact, feel free to call and schedule a visit to our Southampton office today and consider us for your next media project.