If a tree stands

This weekend past held the annual “fetch the Christmas tree” day.  When I was a little kid, this involved trudging through snow with a tree saw and watching the men drag the tree back from its remote location.  Since then, it consists of driving to the nearest tree-selling location, picking out a decent tree from the pre-cut variety, strapping it to the top of the car or van and driving home.  Since I’ve had my own house, we’ve started a new tradition which sort of combines them both.  We walk over to our firehouse tree sale (a little bit of irony that the fire station sells trees, but that’s another story) pick out the best tree, have it cut and netted and then Luke and I “hoof” it home. By next year he may not even need help getting it up the steps and in the house. With my bicep feeling a little sore (the walk is way longer while carrying a tree) we somehow managed to get the tree in the stand in an upright position and get the lights on.  This Friday we will be decorating.  The cool thing that I’ve noticed about tree technology is this new fashion to get the trunk drilled, with new stands having a bar come up the center which then seats the tree trunk.  No more fiddling with the bolts to get the tree straight, it’s done for you.  It’s funny when tree technology improves.

When technology improves in the website world, like the tree stand, I’m not always the first to use it.  I can see its potential for making my life easier, but often times it’s a matter of not having the right tools or the time to make that first leap.  We develop so many medical websites and CMEs that sometimes it’s difficult to innovate within the code, since we’re so well versed in what it is that we do on a daily basis, jumping into unfamiliar territory while often having a time constraint isn’t the best practice, so we’d rather be sure and get it done well rather than doing something fancy.  If I’d have gone and gotten the bottom of my tree drilled out, it would have gone to waste, even if it was cool.  In the same aspect, we don’t add new technology to our websites unless we are going to actually make good use of it.