I’m tired yo

For anyone who actually watches (or has kids who watch) The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, you are familiar with Irwin, Billy’s friend.  Due to Irwin’s nerdy cool behavior, he ends nearly every sentence in ‘yo’.  I was amused by this for a long time, and started saying ‘yo’ at the end of my sentences, but just simple ones, like ‘It’s hot, yo’, and ‘I’m tired, yo’, both of which I used frequently this past weekend.  A long weekend was spent working in a very hot house, while not catching up on any sleep missed over this long lasting project.  I have severely underestimated the time of my home improvement project, but the floor is finally done  in the bathroom of doom (I just can’t walk on it yet, and the grout needs to be sealed).

In the real world, a professional would have come to the house and given me a time estimate and approximate cost of the remodeling project.  When given the basic information, they have no idea what they will run into, so the estimates usually range a matter of hours and dollars.  For every project we work on here, it’s the same way.  Every programming project is given some basic outlines of what it does, and we use our past project knowledge to frame out a general time that it will take.  I’ve gotten pretty good about giving realistic times over the past 5 years working with DDA.  Of course this is provided that the project doesn’t creep out of scope, but that’s another thing entirely.  What I sometimes feel uncomfortable with, is the fact that it seems like a lot of time and money to me, and I know it feels the same way to the smaller clients we have.  With custom programming, it’s really no different than custom tile work.  It’s not easy work.  If you want a fancy design, and don’t or can’t take the time to do it yourself, you have to rely on a professional.  Most people would pay quite a bit to have someone come in and make their home more functional, but do not think the same of their website. 

Our custom programming is simply what it says – ‘custom’.  Every time we quote a project, it’s a custom quote.  Every project is really a new project that we have not quite done before.  We don’t have a book (like some outrageous plumbers and electricians do) that says ‘x costs you y’ (like the $500 3 inch piece of pipe repair).  We sit down and plan out how long we think it’s going to actually take, and we’re almost always at the low end or below range at the completion of the project.   I have to say ’almost always’ because we do run long on times sometimes.  It is not because we did not plan out what the project is, or misquote, it comes in to play when the project starts to run out of the original proposal, because the project morphs as things outside of the scope of the project become more necessary.  We like to be as accommodating as possible, because sometimes when we start building, you see new opportunity, and why not get everything that you want, and even things you didn’t know you’d need.  We can do it all.