Improving Disease Control One eLearning Tool at a Time

Not only has a new strain of H1N1 influenza virus (often referred to as Swine Flu) spread like wildfire cross culturally, but this global outbreak has produced advances in infectious and communicable disease control and management training. For example, the Japanese created a robot that simulates a patient dying of H1N1 with symptoms like sweating, moaning, and convulsing. The robot is designed to help healthcare professionals identify a case and train them on proper treatment procedures. Sure, the robot looks a little creepy, but the concept is good. Disease management training, however, isn’t limited to the next “best” tech gadget created in Asia. In fact, effective medical training tools can be produced right here in the United States by DDA Medical.

Imagine, an online eLearning tool that features a virtual lab of an actual emergency room or operating room where physicians can practice identifying and treating patients with a variety of conditions. Patients are depicted in 3D and animated to demonstrate specific signs and symptoms while physicians have control of medical devices and the lab environment through virtual simulation. Such interactive technology is not a dream, but reality with DDA Medical’s marketing and advertising services. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve disease control one eLearning tool at a time.