Improving Communication with Health Information Exchange Technology

As more and more medical practices take the plunge into the world of electronic health records – whether as a result of the stimulus plan or strictly out of need to digitize what’s been for far too long an old, inefficient paper-based system – they are finding that it’s as if they dived deep into Alice’s rabbit hole. From trying to get staff on board with new changes to anything but seamless systems integration, it’s not difficult to see why the transition to go digital is a slow one. But, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright! At the core of this light, is a bulb, which, for me, is health information exchange technology.

You see, my mother-in-law recently passed away at the age of 55 from complications with pain management prescription medications. Despite the fact that her life could have been sparred if she had received better patient information on the application of her medication, the quality of her life could have been improved with better provider-to-provider communication. Looking through her agendas and calendars, it seems she was seeing many pain management physicians for her chronic pain, all in search of a cure so she could ride in bike races again or just take a stroll on the beach without a cane. For years, these physicians did not communicate at all on her treatment and by the grace of God nothing counteracted.

As we live longer and see an increase in chronic conditions, it is imperative that we implement effective provider-to-provider and physician-to-patient information sharing. DDA Medical brings years of experience in building a variety of medical information systems, including patient portals with online patient appointment scheduling and personal health records with online medical therapy journals, to the area of health information exchanges.  Whether we build specific elements for other vendors or construct the technology from scratch, we have the conceptual and technical expertise to do it right. For us, effective medical marketing and communications isn’t just part of our service offering, it’s a job we pursue to help save lives.