In House Tools

So I had a piece of code saved in a draft for my blog, but it seems to have gone missing.  That means I have to spend some time figuring out what to write about today.  Unfortunately it took two reboots of the computer to get up and running, so I already feel like I’m behind.  Such is life I guess.

As I wait for further direction on a project (so that I don’t have to write and rewrite code over again), I’m working on the next step to our DDA programming mega project.  The project is basically going to be the complete backend for DDA, contact management, project management, quoting and billing all wrapped up into a nice usable package.  Originally it was supposed to be my backup project, but as I normally have multiple projects on my plate, it went to Reggie and Tyler, primarily now in Reggie’s hands.  At this point we are just about at the project management stage, where we can begin thinking about how we want the system to work to help manage our projects.  This will be everything from managing timelines and resources to our actual time tracking system.  In the end, with the dedicated work we have put into it, I think it will help DDA out tremendously.