In the Studio with DDA Video

The next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy in the DDA Video studios. Today we have a client coming in to review the dental procedure video we shot over three different visits. There’s a decent amount of footage so the goal will be to whittle it down to the best and most crucial shots of the procedure, highlighting one of the dental devices being used. Tomorrow one of our actors from the DDA Actors Network will be narrating video for a series of window and door product installation videos. He’s great to work with and we hope to have him back really soon for a spokesperson video-shoot to be integrated into a complex virtual medical simulation website we have been building. Towards the end of next week we have a shoot involving two actors and two experts for a series of medical videos discussing the various aspects of child immunizations and vaccinations. Then in a couple weeks, for a few consecutive days we’ll be holding a photo-shoot of models to be composited into customized and photo-realistic 3D environment renderings. It can be fairly quiet back in the studio when we’re busy pumping out 3D medical animations, product videos, or programming interactive and media-rich websites, but it’s sure to be humming with activity as the lights fire up and the cameras start rolling.