Indoor Weather

It’s been a nice summer so far. Plenty of sun and warm days. Does anyone remember last year when it seemed like summer weather lasted about two weeks? It was like an extended winter that ran straight into a super rainy season full of flooding rains, and then it turned back into a fall chill. It was as if we never got the summer mentality and were stuck in the gloom of short winter days and downpours. Talk about a bummer on the moods of millions. This year though has packed plenty of sunshine and nice days for outdoor fun. Sunlight on the skin is a natural mood booster that we missed a lot of last year. Maybe we can blame that for the financial crisis. That or our over-lending and credit-dependent society. Maybe a little of both.

Inside DDA the weather always hovers at temperatures from the mid to high 70s with clear skies. So no matter what is going on outside, we can remain oblivious to it and focus on the project tasks at hand. Whether it is custom web design, 3D animation, advanced programming, corporate video, digital photography, copywriting, or anything else media related, we are working on it here. So call us for your next project and be sure that someone will be working on it whether or not their is a fierce downpour, scorching heat, freezing temperatures, or even snow-covered roads. Maybe we’ll adopt the US Post Office creed.