Information age

A few weeks ago, I was discussing the internet age and how much information is out there, both good and bad.  In the political environment these days, we can easily argue that the dissemination of outrageous claims and outright lies is considered ‘bad’ information, but there still is a lot of good.  Take for example Google’s big new plan to digitize newspapers, new and old.  Now most papers have an online print of their paper, but this would go above and beyond all of that.  How many of us remember having to sort through reams of actual newspapers when writing papers in school?  Microfilm?  Microfiche?  That could all be gone.  Google’s massive sea of storage space would somehow hold and catalog all of that information, and we could search it in seconds.  The idea itself blows me away.  It’s pretty exciting.  Of course though, it appears to be a pay for play scheme on some articles.  But I was able to find an archive that was actually archived in the New York Times (which has been doing this for quite some time) from 1910 with President Taft and Col. Roosevelt.   That’s just so cool.