Interactive Software

Engineering a software requires the programmer to be aware of the targeted user the application is intended for. Such awareness will factor in how easy it is to use the applications that are designed. Empirical knowledge of evaluated user input will further impede on the development process where preferred methodology and technique would be applied in the engineering process of the application. The development of interactive software applications necessitates the emergence of dynamic programming using extensive dynamic algorithm to emulate future state of the application on each user inputs. Extensive development will be required to hide the details and make the end product as abstract as possible to ensure common usability of the software. The underlying design and development is to increase user interactive of the software. At DDA, programmers and designers focus in developing software applications that require easy user interaction. Many of the interactive tools we develop are websites such as shopping carts or medical portal tools, among other services we provide. The end product is to make the user experience easy and enjoyable.