ipad friendly, yeah right!

Apple’s website has the following iPad-friendly page:

iPad features Safari, a mobile web browser that supports the latest web standards — including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Here are just a few of the sites that take advantage of these web standards to deliver content that looks and functions beautifully on iPad.

That’s kind of like saying, if you choose to take this pill, which you will enjoy very much, then almost all of the food in America will be poisonous and inedible. However, below is a list of restaurants that you can go to that offers food that won’t make you sick.

I guess that is one way to solve America’s overeating problem.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad is great fun, a super game device, awesome for reading books, cool and neat and the perfect just gotta have one tech device. But, it is highly arrogant and inconsiderate of Apple to create a deteriorated web browsing experience on a  device that will get used most often for web browsing.

The really amazing part is that Apple has pulled it off. iPads are in short supply, Apple’s stock is rated a buy, and the consumer is embracing change. DDA is building iPad-ready websites, reconfiguring flash tools to HTML 5, designing Apple iPhone and iPad applications and converting video as we speak.

Go Apple!