It’s finally over

This weekend, I broke down and finally enlisted tech support for my home computer.  This is the one that was throwing errors every time I tried to upgrade to Vista’s shiny new SP1.  My email was simple, ‘I’m getting error 80073712 when trying to update to SP1.’  A simple question earns me a simple answer ‘SP1 installation is not supported by eMachines’.  Yes, I bought an eMachines, and no, I’m not bothered by it.  I am bothered by Microsoft and by Vista.  I am bothered that I don’t know if my computer is secure and running at its top game, because even though I update on patch Tuesday, I don’t know if SP1 has anything additional that I haven’t already got.

I like the Mac-like interface that sucks resources like mad.  I like the fact that I have to click ‘continue’ every time I am trying to install something, because even though I’m set as an administrator, it still asks me for administrative permissions.  I like the fact that I can’t find anything on the machine, or can’t access it, or move files in to or out of ‘Program Files’ without messing with permissions.  I really like how it makes me feel like a ‘N00B’.

So there we have it.  I will always have a computer that says there are updates that are not installed, that says that I do not have an anti-virus installed, that also says that Microsoft Defender isn’t running.  I will have to deal with the ‘now and then’ slow downs with no process running high.  I guess I’ll just have to start saving my pennies and maybe some day have a nice shiny new Mac on my desk to accessorize with my iPod.  I’ll be saving a while though, so maybe by then Microsoft can get its act together.