It’s not 1 AM

On Saturday, Luke had his birthday party at this really cool kids gym, they got to do a rock climbing wall, a tightrope walk, cargo nets, trampolines, and a fun obstacle course.  All the while I was slowly draining of energy, not because I was playing with them, but because I got hit with the second round of the cold that is going through the area.  After falling asleep quite early, I woke up just after 1 AM and spent the rest of the sleepless night eating crackers and watching hours of television with nothing but reruns of Roseanne on (at least it was entertaining).  I thought about getting up and getting something accomplished with my time, like learning how to work with the Coldfusion monitor we added to our server, or even getting some level ups in World of Warcraft (so that I would have a reason to get the Lich King expansion) or even work on my lack of FPS experience , but I was more interested in getting sleep.  Unfortunately that never came.

So today, in my fog of head cold I’ve got a lot to accomplish, and hopefully I don’t run out of energy by the end of today.  There’s The Next Icon site that still needs a lot of programming integration and tweaking, as well as the Coldfusion monitor that needs to start doing its job so we can find out what’s slowly draining our server of resources.  It’s going to take a lot of focus to get it all done, and focus is not exactly something I have today, but it will all work out, I have to keep following my list and not get sidetracked on other things, like what the heck I’m writing for my blog.