It’s the 28th?

July is almost over; it feels strange.  I’ll have to use my $10 off a $75 order at Home Depot this weekend, it expires next Monday.  That’ll be easy enough to do, I have loads of trim to continue working on.  At least I have a toilet now, yay!  The sink would have been done, but I forgot to get plumbers putty (recommended over silicone for my sink) and they don’t carry that at WalMart.  I really wish the home improvement stores didn’t close before 10 PM on Sundays, it’s always between 7 (when the last one near me closes) and bedtime that I need something to finish up.  Anyway, I’ll have a sink by end of tonight, so I can finally get ready for bed in one room, instead of marching up and down stairs.

I arrived this morning with requests for updates to our Pandora Bracelet Builder on  I don’t generally get to work on this site, but the bracelet builder ended up being a pet project of mine, and I enjoy working on it, as it’s something a little different from my day to day programming.   This particular builder was originally built back in 2006 using Yahoo’s UI library.  At the time, it was on the forefront of javascript programming, being able to do all kinds of fancy user interface movements.  It even included the buzzword AJAX (before it was cool), which as we all know now is just a fancy way to describe a certain type of javascript transaction (nothing really fancy there).  Javascript libraries have come a long way since then, and I would probably not use the same library again, although I’m sure their library has also improved tremendously as well.   I took an hour or two to try to update the library, but then realized that my efforts would go unnoticed and more time would be wasted and that just wasn’t a good idea, so I made the decision to just work with what I have, and update as is.

In the end it will turn out OK.  Things still work with the new additions, though of course there are lots of new things that they want to add that I’m not sure we can or should do, but that’s another story.  It’s nice to have a little change in the world of custom programming, but I’ll be back to ColdFusion today, plugging away at errors and integrations.