Java Fusion

Java remains one of the dominant languages in the computer world because of its unique features. The Java programming language is machine independent (write once and run anyway). Java codes are compiled into bytecode, which can be run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java uses pure object oriented classes, highly optimitized in terms of performance, neutral, and portable. The ColdFusion server sided scripting language is designed and engineered on top of the java language, making the two languages highly interoperable augmenting the power of the ColdFusion language. The expansion of JavaServer Page (JSP) tag libraries into ColdFusion page only strengthens the ColdFusion facility and the bundle of java library for processing and manipulating different type of data empower the ColdFusion language giving the an application developer the mean and the facility to tackle any problem within the web application domain. A programmer can simply use some of the powerful ColdFusion tag to develop their application, these tags more high level because it hide all the detail the java programming language. But doesn’t mean you are limited only the ColdFusion tag, if for example you want to increase the application performance in some area, you can write your code in Java with better algorithm to achieve this tags. Also, because Java is a highly multi-threaded using this concurrent processing of the language makes it possible to write enterprise base application while maintaining performance and security.