jQuery swfobject redux

The other day I posted a great finding in the jQuery version of swfobject.  Today I found that although it worked perfectly well with the functionality that I was testing, i.e., the first click of our listing of videos, but subsequent clicks were not updating the flash div content.  A small change to another function worked wonderfully.  So instead of having the embedSWF function in the document.ready,
$.swfobject.embedSWF(this.href, “videoPlayer”, “453″, “275″, “9.0.0″, “”,flashvars, params, attributes);
we now have
$.swfobject.createSWF({ data:this.href, width:”480″, height:”360″ }, playerparams, “videoPlayer”);

At first glance I thought I needed to remove the player before each click, but it seems to load just fine without removing it.  In fact it was better, the removal seemed to either wipe out the content div as well, or kill the javascript functionality so subsequent clicks wound up opening the player in a new window.  I generally tend to know the actual answer, thanks to firebug, but apparently some other plugin is blowing up the tidy browser and I’m getting no actual errors in javascript reporting anymore.  Oh well.  Problem one at least solved.