Just hire one unemployed person!

A  plea for sanity.

There is great anxiety among business owners about what’s coming down the pike in the way of new taxes, new regulations and how this uncertainty will affect each business and its ability to keep a competitive edge in this global economy. So the attitude is wait and see. I know this from talking to clients and other business owners. Why expand, why invest if it does not impact your bottom line positively?

At DDA, we are in the midst of making some changes because we have staff changing hours and one person leaving so she can be a full time mom to her three growing children. So for starters, we have an ad looking for a new graphic designer. It is scary to see how many people are applying for the posting who have 20-25 years of experience, had their own graphic or marketing business and had to close shop. Then there are the resumes from as far away as Alaska and California, and today a designer wrote from Croatia. All told there are over three hundred applicants (and counting) for one entry level position. And the posting has been up for only two weeks.

This does not bode well for the economy. We are typical of many small businesses. Owners who are very involved in the day-to-day work, crew who work tirelessly to produce a great product, a general attitude of “we are in this together and we will triumph”, but the business climate is stuck in reverse, and the constant political wrangling continuing to polarize the country makes confidence building almost impossible.

If each small business could hire even just one full time unemployed person today it would go a long way to changing attitudes and perceptions. There is nothing more demoralizing then being unemployed.

Let’s not collectively succumb to the ANTS mentality. (Don’t know what that means, Google Kill The Ants and learn).