Just try to keep up!!!

To infinity and beyond! That statement has an even bigger meaning now that we will have to address the conversions of websites for the ipad and iphone in order to view any flash items. New applications will have to be built since Apple has not enabled Flash to play on the ipad and iphone. The Internet is filled with Flash movies, rotations, features and more. Conversions and/or redesigns will all need to be addressed in the near future. We will need to reach out to the infinite world-wide-web to help fix this issue.

DDA is already on the move, ahead of the game as usual, leading the pack. Our great minds here are busy putting together different ways to address this issue, using only the best ideas, we will move forward- full speed ahead. We already lead the way in virtual medical simulations, 3d medical illustrations, interactive advertising, webcasting services, medical elearning and medical Training solutions. We’re on the run- Just try to keep up!!!