Keeping up with things

Generally speaking, I think that keeping your computer up to date is the single most important thing that we can do to keep trouble at bay. Unfortunately we are all busy people and sometimes taking the time to get the updates done is time that could be spent otherwise. Yesterday, after months of running into issue after issue with my computer here at work, I finally gave in and went through the updates. Starting with the BIOS and ending with the video card, everything was updated I always do the windows and anti-virus updates immediately). The reason I did this wasn’t because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Over the past few months my computer has gotten more and more erratic in its behavior. From Flash crashing due to sound and/or video card problems to high DPC causing high CPU usage, I’ve generally had to restart my computer at least once daily. It’s annoying, but workable, but yesterday was the end of it. For 4 hours in the morning I had such CPU drainage due to who knows what (not a virus, first thing I checked) I couldn’t take it anymore. Unproductivity had made it to its limits and the whole desktop got an overhaul. So far everything has been pretty good except for the NVidia graphics card updates. Since I have one of my screens hooked up to a monitor splitter, one going to the monitor I’m looking at right now, and the other to the LCD screen out in the main room, the video card no longer recognizes that I have a monitor hooked up upon reboot. So every morning I’m going to have to unplug the splitter and plug in my monitor directly into the video card until it boots up, then I can swap it back. Yes, this is annoying, but, at least the system isn’t crashing flash every other time I load up our website. So today I’m hoping to have a crash free day and get lots of work done.