Kick back with some Guac

Did you know yesterday was National Guacamole Day? I didn’t know until about half way through the day. Naturally I celebrated, how could one not pass up the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic holiday? So last night on my way home I picked up a bag of tortilla chips, two avocados and a lime. Generally speaking, I like my guac as plain as possible, just the fruits, but lime to me is the key. I don’t add salt, I get enough of that on my chips, and I don’t add chiles or cilantro even though it’s my favorite herb. I like simplicity. And I really like lime. So I got to sit and watch my favorite show ‘Top Chef’ while chomping on some scrumptious chips and dip.

So as I relaxed last night, I was also rather relaxed about my job. I have a few items to finish up on this last interactive website (eLearning and Medical) and it’s basically all wrapped up. The difficult part is over, trying to manipulate large amounts of data and making sure the correct things hide and show based on what the user chooses. Of course I have to be sure I’m naturally making a mode that will degrade ‘gracefully’. That means I’m hiding and showing with javascript to begin with, and if it breaks in one bit (or disabled), it will be broken for all, but all the fields will remain editable and ready to go. It feels pretty good to have the tough stuff behind me in a project of this size, where now I can just focus on making sure things look and work like they should.