Knights of DDAtopia

So as we wait with baited breath for the next big thing that all Mac fans have to possess, the rest of the world still trudges on, making headway into much more mundane things.  I have found myself going from a few basic programming things in Flash to being thrown on top of a live Flash grenade. As our staff needs assistance with a few of our medical IT projects, I’ve taken up another new task: Flash buildout.  This basically entails taking the awesome design put out by one of our great designers (in this case Carrie) and making the Flash look just like the picture and then put in the functionality.  Now I haven’t had any training at all in design, or working with photoshop in this way, so it’s a great challenge, and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m sure I’m doing a few things incorrectly, or at least there may be a better way to accomplish tasks but with not having been taught how to use the tools I’m wrestling with, I’ll have to “make do”.  When I worked with Flash before (it had to be over 10 years ago now) most of my elements were already in image formats, so I just had to take the bits and bobs, place them on the stage and do whatever it was that needed to happen: make them clickable, give them a tween, make them rotate or give them a shadow.  It was relatively simple stuff.  So we’ll see how it goes.

The cool thing about it all is that it’s another feather to add to my cap (which is pretty full of feathers, if I may say).  That’s how we work at DDA, we don’t back down from a challenge.  Most of us in this office aren’t afraid of tackling something they haven’t done before and we usually come out as the victor.   Even when we do not accomplish the task in the time allotted (which is our way of claiming victory), we have gained the knowledge that we must take another path to solve the problem should it arise again.  The problem we faced was a difficult one, and we solved it, but it probably took longer to do than we thought.