Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way

At DDA, we are constantly pushing the envelope. A few years ago, we designed and created and installed a very radical trade show booth for one of our medical clients. Bucking convention, this booth had no walls. Instead the 3000 foot space was defined by 21 foot cryo needles, and 17 LCD screens showing a special animated video presentation scripted and produced by DDA. Two of our go-to people, Laurence and Mick, flew to the show to oversee the installation. No advertising and marketing company to date has ever produced something as unique.

Another very unusual project was an interactive online trade show booth we created for a major aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer. Again, a truly unusual application for a website and trade show. Think of it, you can sit home in your PJs and do your ordering. No more expensive plane and hotel bills and the physical juggling it takes to produce a successful show in various parts of the country. And with email and smart phones, you are just as connected to your customers.

And again today, we are on the cutting edge with virtual medical simulations. Actually, users are typing in the keywords “virtual learning environment” to find information on the subject. In a few weeks we will be launching two very sophisticated learning environments that will help the medical communities in the area of swallowing disorders and heart problems. It is impossible to overstate how important these projects are, the clinicians and their teams are so excited about the sneak previews they have shown to their peers. Most gratifying are the comments like “You have no idea how many lives this is going to save,” from the clinician who toils daily with us on the swallowing project.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling! And forgive us if we preen a bit.