Let the cat out of the bag

This past weekend was an experimental food weekend.  I have discovered I have no love for gluten free pizza crust.  In the middle of one of the pizza tests, something seemed to have dripped and started burning in the oven.  This isn’t unusual, but the problem in this old house I live in is that there is no vent in the kitchen, so quickly the room filled with smoke and the smoke alarms around the house started going off.  Since my drafty windows are sealed for the winter, my only option was to open the back door and turn on the fans.  It wasn’t exactly nice weather outside on Sunday night, but rather than having burning eyes all night, it was the only option.  This brings us to last night, when we realized we hadn’t seen one of the cats in several days.  I thought I remembered her sitting with us while eating dinner on Sunday, but that could have been any night, and my memory isn’t always too sharp.  Needless to say, it appears we have lost one cat.

So how does this tie in to Coldfusion programming (or any programming for that matter)?  On a usual day, I have hundreds of details that I need to keep straight.  Not to brag, but I think that most people would have a meltdown if they had to keep it all straight.  On top of all of my directly related job details, I have constant interruptions and issues that come up randomly throughout the day.  Even on the best days I can keep things organized, but sometimes I leave the door open and the cat gets out.  As all programmers will attest to, our job isn’t easy.  We have to not only create the proper logic flow and make sure our formulas are correct, we also have to predict what nasty things people will try to do to our projects.  At the same time we have to keep even the simple stuff in line, like not misspelling a variable or having an incorrect comma.  Bugs still happen, because we’re not perfect.  Sometimes we leave the door open and don’t watch to see where the animals are because we’re busy trying to do something else.

So when you feel the need to talk to your programmer again for the 15th time in 2 hours, refrain and remember that it may be your cat wandering out in the cold the next time.