Life imitates art

For anyone who’ve seen the show “The Big Bang Theory,” art probably imitates life.  Although the things that happen in the show are a little overblown from the stereotypical, it is done so for the gag and the laugh.  It’s often, though, that I find myself thinking, ‘Why is this funny?’ Because it touches something that I actually do, which then of course makes me laugh after the fact.  Sometimes though the humor is so true to life that it actually happens. …  Yesterday the space station was repaired.  It was little reported news considering it was the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing.  Now the funny part is why it was repaired.  Just as in episode 22 of season 2 of “The Big Bang Theory,” the space station’s toilet broke.  Now of course, this apparently happens often, causing much back and forth between the American and Russian engineers and astronauts, however, the fact that “art imitated life imitated art” made it all that much more funny.

When DDA works on a project, we do have to engineer the plans, production and testing of our interactive websites.  We don’t have the problems of being in space, with limited resources to maintain and fix, however we do have to take into account that the Internet sort of exists in space, and we’re never really sure who or what is going to happen.  We have to plan out our database and security structure, ensure that all of our data travels safely and securely, and then there’s plenty of testing that has to happen before we are sure it is ready to go.  We may not have to worry about mixing zero gravity and human waste, but we certainly have to worry about the humans who like to make web applications do things they’re not supposed to.