Like A Console Surgeon

My Xbox 360 has been overheating, so yesterday in a fit of proactivity I decided to try and open it up and clean out the dust, and apply some more thermal paste to the processor if needed. Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to open the case on one of these things, but they made it a tricky system to crack. I managed to get the bottom half of the outer casing off, as well as the two side-vents. To get the top off, however, requires a special tool called a Torx-10. Basically, its a security tool that makes it so you can’t open the case with just a regular screwdriver. Well, needless to say I don’t have one of those, and after a half-hour or so of trying to wedge a flathead in there I gave up. I’m going to hit the Ace Hardware around the corner on my lunch today, so hopefully they’ll have them there (they should only be around $2 a piece…)

Trying to do any sort of tech work without the right equipment is sort of like trying to perform surgery without the proper tools; in the medical field, would the surgeon begin cutting without knowing that he has immediate access to the tools he will need to use once he’s got the patient open? Likely not!

Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this, or maybe I just have medical on my mind with all these eLearning, Medical CME, Medical IT, Medical Training and Interactive Medical Web Design projects we are working on here at DDA. Either way, wish me luck on the rest of my “surgery” later this evening!