Locking share resources in ColdFusion application

A ColdFusion application is an application that supports multiple users, such as a shopping where multiple users are interacting the products to view details, searching for products, adding products to the shopping carts, and users are entering their information – so a way to maintain data integrity and to process safe threads of each users information, ColdFusion introduced a method through the CFLOCK tag to ensure data consistency throughout the application. The CFLOCK multi-threaded tag ensures the integrity of shared data through the instantiations of block of application, sessions, and server variables scopes. A CFLOCK in ColdFusion allows the programmer to write applications that can allow exclusive data access throughout the entire application or read only requests to certain data. Although locking a variable is a good and necessary way of implementing a good e-commerce web application, it has its fault where locking variables can cause errors within application if not used properly. Problems such as deadlock can often occur where a shared variables may need a resource that is being used by another thread and the other thread is waiting for resource that is being used by the thread that need the resources. Many other scenarios can also cause deadlock in multiple-threaded applications.