Long time no blog

As I sit here waiting for 3,000+ files to transfer from one server to another, now would be the perfect time to get the blog up and running again.  This comes after several weeks of having my attention turned elsewhere, and blogging not a priority at all.  Today is of course a great day to start up again.  Yesterday, the giant stimulus plan was signed by the president, which means that sometime in the future, healthcare IT spending will trickle out and we can hopefully stretch that out for our clients.  We can do an amazing amount of work for the medical IT community, from eLearning  and Medical CMEs to patient scheduling.

We are just wrapping up some medical websites currently (which is sort of fitting, considering I spent the beginning of the weekend in the ER with one of the kids, it made me appreciate the work I am doing from the client side as well).  We have a site that is set up to track treatments for leukemia patients, as well as a group of sites for physicians who work with one of our clients, which can help schedule patients online.  I’m starting the database design today for a really interesting CME that I’m looking forward to working on.