Make Programs Work For You

At DDA, we create a wide array of custom programs and applications – everything from patient portals and grant application sites to YouTube-like video upload and eCommerce shopping cart systems. As we create these new programs and applications, we always keep one thing in mind, how does this benefit the end user, and how can we improve that to make it better?

For instance, if we look at an electronic medical health record database. We absolutely want to be sure of a few things. For one, our HIPAA compliant servers and security features need to be in place. Second, we want to be sure that the physicians and patients can store all necessary information. But on top of that, we want the program to be flexible. Administrative access may allow for top-level users to edit, update, or change the information that is collected. It is not really until after the launch of a new program that you will discover what is going to work, what isn’t going to work, and what is still needed. Testing and planning will help dramatically, but it ultimately comes down to how the users react to using it on a daily basis. So we want to be sure that the program is scalable over time. We want to be sure that you can make minor edits. We want to be sure that the program has the potential to continue growing.