Making Your Website Less Sour with Apple

Being a devoted Adobe Flash animator and programmer for almost 10 years and a Mac owner for about the same amount of time, the current Apple vs Flash has me pretty torn up inside. It’s kind of like 2 very close and dear friends suddenly turning into worst enemies and me having to pick sides. Luckily, I have my other friends, After Effects and Lightwave to distract me once in a while.

With Apple dropping support for Flash on its mobile devices, a huge number of sites and online content will be affected and unseen to those who decide to surf the net on their iPhone or iPad. That’s where DDA steps in to make your website iPhone ready and iPad ready. We’re making extra effort to stay up-to-date with latest available technologies for making website content, no matter if its a simple website, online medical elearning, or highly interactive site, available to the widest audience.