Manufacturing to Medical

When I first started at our advertising agency, most of my time was spent producing search engine optimization copywriting for the website development projects of regional manufacturing clients. I learned about everything from thermoplastic injection molding to 5 axis machining and found a way to create copy that presented accurate information that both compelled people to read and helped drive Internet traffic to our clients’ respective sites.

Today, I immerse myself in the medical world, writing brochure copy, eLearning training video scripts, and web copy for private practices, medical device and biotechnology manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies based across the United States. I’ve learned about minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer, comprehensive approaches to pain management, and incredibly innovative surgical technology for atrial fibrillation.

This is not to say that our work has been limited to these business sectors exclusively. Check out our Portfolio and you’ll see the wide range of clients we serve on a regular basis. Rather the significance of transitioning from manufacturing to medical marks an evolution of sorts for DDA, a reflection of our economy, and a direction to continue climbing to new heights and treading on new ground.