Medical eLearning

The typical learning platform takes shape as a classroom, an instructor, and a book to read from. Our education system has also taken advantage of technology over the years as computers have been introduced, allowing people to learn from the Internet, create unique presentations, and now take an entire course online without ever meeting the instructor or classmates face to face. When it comes to the medical and healthcare fields, never before has it been more important to take advantage of technology. I can’t possibly fathom the idea that physicians and practitioners would only learn from an instructor and a book before entering an internship or treating patients – but I suppose that’s how it happened for years.

But as the medical field grows, and as technology grows, medical companies can take advantage of eLearning systems – such as the ones developed right here at DDA Medical. Before a physician in-training ever deals with a patient, they should be intimately familiar with the procedure and treatment process. But how do they get that experience? With interactive applications. DDA Medical’s marketing services allow you to train physicians with an online CME, interactive video, 3D animations, immersive environments, and even life-like simulations that allow trainees to practice in a virtual world. Want to test and certify the trainees? Want to track usage and ensure enough time is spent during the training phase? Want to track success of your training program? It can all be done with DDA Medical’s custom eLearning applications.