Medical eLearning

Today we are continuing to push forward with the development of a medical eLearning portal based on a swallow disorder study. We’ve been working on this project for a while, but now things are going from individual pieces to complete tool. The client has a presentation later this week and they requested a functioning tool that can show off exactly what this eLearning portal will do, and it’s been exciting to see everything coming together. This eLearning portal uses everything from custom 3D animation to database programming to Flash programming to make it possible. Users will be able to compare fluoroscopy videos of various swallowing disorders with highly detailed 3D animations, practice scoring videos among all the necessary scores, and then test their knowledge with randomly generated video clips from a pool of available clips. If the users successfully passes this, they are granted access to a patient data and reporting area that lets them track patient information and gives the client the ability to create reports to see some of that patient data on a global scale. My brief description does not, of course, give the extensive capabilities of this tool much justice, but I think you can imagine how comprehensive the final product will be. We’ve got quite a bit to continue with today, but it’s great to see things coming together.