Medical Promotion and Education Go Hand in Hand

Promoting a medical device or pharmaceutical and educating the public on its proper use and side effects go hand in hand. Just as it is important for consumers to know how the latest breakthrough can benefit their condition or the condition of a loved one, it is critical that they know when and where to administer the product and how often, what the proper dosage is, etc. so that the product is effective instead of more harmful than the condition itself. For this reason, DDA Medical offers comprehensive marketing and advertising services to medical device manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The custom medical eLearning tools we develop serve a dual purpose: expound on the features/benefits; and elaborate on real-world application. Depending on specifications and the level of detail of a project, we may use 3d modeling and virtual reality or illustrations and still images to create a medical procedure simulation and animation. Our writers can create a script that is both compelling and easily understood by the masses. For narration or on-screen recording in our video studios, you can choose from 60 professional actors and actresses who can bring to your project a world of experience in film, commercials, theater, modeling and more. We can produce your eLearning tool online or design, develop, and replicate as many CD-ROMS or DVDs as you’d like to distribute to key patient profiles.

Not only can we develop a sophisticated medical eLearning tool from start to finish, but our dual-purpose approach helps your organization comply with regulations and helps patients find symptomatic relief and a better quality of life.