Medical Simulations

At the top of DDA Medical we have a rotating text banner with three messages. One of them reads, Doing what others say can’t be done. While I like the boldness and directness of the statement, despite the English being a bit awkward, I must admit that I think the message is a bit off center reality wise.

Why? Because many of the things we are doing are not things that others say can’t be done…they are things that they were never asked to do nor did they even think of doing them.

Take Medical Simulations for instance. Ok, first what is that? Computer based, experience based, virtual reality, medical device related, medical procedure simulations that train, teach and share information with the clinicians that need to understand and utilize those medical devices as therapies and treatment.

Simple in concept, but very complicated in execution. Part elearning, part testing, part theory, part real world practical application. No medical procedure is too complicated, too dangerous, too invasive to be taught comfortably, effectively and quickly with a medical simulation from DDA Medical.

So don’t just explain, show. Don’t just expose the information, let the information become an experience. Don’t just quiz, test and certify. As we say, DDA Medical, doing what others never even thought about.