Metamorphosis, it just isn’t for butterflies. To survive a start up or small business has to morph too, and do it more than once as the business grows.

Over a decade ago, we thought DDA’s first projects would be built around professional photographers. But it became clear a few months after we opened our doors that converting film and traditional camera work to digital was going to be long and painful. Now this many years later, we have clients who think they can take pictures with their phone and the result will be good enough for their website. Kind of makes you cringe. That old adage, garbage in, garbage out truly applies to photography on the fly.

So the photography we do for clients either in house or on location showcases the product. It matters to us that clients who hire us can use the photography for different purposes…on their website, for sell sheets, on the social media sites, at trade shows. Images for those purposes have to be handled differently, so we are very careful to account for usage before the shoot.

Just a very small part of our photographers and videographers day.

Moving on through the years, we have added services, dropped those that did not fit the long term goals we believed would make DDA stand out from the competition and more importantly pioneered approaches to building websites, showcasing marketing approaches, and lately creating truly complex eLearning platforms.

We  continue to excel at graphic design, producing webcasts, embedding video, writing medical content, using the best SEO practices for clients enrolled in our search engine optimization program. In other words, we are worthy advertising and marketing professionals.

And yes, we believe thinking outside the box is necessary to success.