My girlfriend was informed by her roommate yesterday that John Waters was making an appearance at the Philadelphia Free Library at 8 p.m. She had heard that he was there the day before at 7:30 p.m., but couldn’t make it because of work. This time she was free so she called her sister to ask if she wanted to go as well. They both got ready, met up, ate dinner, and headed out to the Free Library. When they got there, there was no fancy event in sight. No crowds or signs or evidence of any kind that there was an event going on. They asked a library staff member and he said that John Waters was there yesterday only.

Now the question becomes, how did her roommate get all of this misinformation that she had decided to share? I can see how she got the night wrong if maybe she was confused about the current date or saw an ad in a day old paper, but how did she still manage to blurt out a flat out incorrect time? I guess she’s just absent minded or doesn’t pay attention well. Either way she was wrong on two counts and left a couple people running around in heels for hours to go see a famous director that wasn’t even there.

Communication is key to getting proper results and just one person in a chain can start the spread of false information. I mean that’s what the entire game of whisper down the lane is based off of. At DDA we try to communicate as much as possible and get approvals. Through extensive email chains, teleconferences, and phone calls, we always keep the lines of communication flowing freely. Our need for approvals at every step also makes sure that no error in communication has occurred. If anything turned out to be incorrectly done, it will be discovered and corrected as early in the process as possible. So whether it is with advanced programming, 3D animation, copywriting, commercial photography, custom web design, corporate video, or anything else, we will be sure to have it turn out just as you wanted it from the beginning. Let us give it try on your next project.