mmm… market share

Another long weekend has passed, another year now considered history.  The next year may bring even more interesting things, though I am not sure I can handle it.  The Internet age has brought about a sort of information overload that is personally making me crazy.  There’s so much out there and so much to look at that one person can’t manage to do so in a lifetime, let alone in their spare time (which always seems to be growing shorter).  Perhaps this is why even though we’ve had three new gaming systems come out in the last couple years, one of the old ones, the PS2, is still the leader in hours logged.  On the other hand, the latest news is that market shares of Microsoft Internet Explorer are continuing to drop, so the old standby isn’t always tried and true.  To me, this is good and bad news.

There was a report of market shares released for operating systems, based primarily on brand, breaking it down into Windows, Mac, Linux, Free BSD, Playstation and iPhone (yes, the last two even made an impact, crazy).  In all, it appears that Apple is gaining ground, both in the Mac world and iPhone connectivity.  The numbers I really care about are the crazy numbers out in the browser wars.  It is reported that Mozilla has finally broken the 20 percent market share, leaving IE with only 70 percent and Apple’s Safari coming a close third with just under 10.  That means that IE has dropped considerably over the past year, thanks probably to the fact that more people are accessing the Internet at home, and there they tend to use other products.  While corporations are still focusing on IE for ease of deployment, the little guys are starting to smart up, and like us at DDA, use whatever tool suits them best.  Personally I have four different browsers open at all times, each is suited better for different applications.  IE’s only purpose is for testing, since that’s still what most people out there use. But now, we have to start thinking about client apps and the fact that we actually have to make sure it all works cross-browser.  Ten and 20 percent market shares are pretty important to think about.