Mobile Medical Apps Bring Doctors and Patients Closer

Mobile medical apps have become a prominent part of many doctors’ practices, especially when it comes to communicating and even diagnosing.  Mobile medical applications have empowered individuals by giving them access to important medical information and facilitating easier communications with their healthcare providers.

From viewing radiology results to tracking a patient’s food intake, medical apps assist in the diagnosing and treatment processes.  There are many apps out there that help people track their sugar intake, migraines, and other pattern-related information in personal health records that help facilitate doctors’ provisioning of proper treatment.  Some medical apps even facilitate communication of this information to clinicians, thereby allowing the information to be readily available for the doctor rather than waiting for the patient’s next appointment.

People’s schedules are often so busy that a doctor’s appointment seems more time-consuming rather than helpful.  With medical applications for your smartphone, getting in touch with your doctor is as easy as texting or checking your email.

Worrying about missing a pill you needed to take or a possible allergy is a thing of the past.  Just imagine, all of this can be done in the palm of your hand thanks to an iPhone® or Android™ device.  Many of these mobile healthcare applications are available on iPad® and Android tablets, too.

According to the FDA, 500 million global smartphone users will be using mHealth apps by 2015.  This includes medical professionals as well as patients.

Medical apps shouldn’t be considered a substitute for seeing your doctor, but they can be a powerful aid to the treatment of whatever health issue you may be experiencing, especially for chronic conditions that require continual monitoring of health information for short- and long-term trends.

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