Monday Mooring

I watched the Grammy Awards show for maybe 5 minutes last night.  It just so happened that it was during the time when the Jackson kids were put on stage to make an appearance and my immediate thought was how bizarre the whole thing was.  I couldn’t manage watching much after that.  I guess I missed a few fun things, Stephen Colbert and Pink being on my top list, but of course there’s always the Internet to watch the 5 minutes of great in order to bypass the hours of “whoopdiedoo.”

So today is starting out being a fun Monday, pressure to get done what was still on my list from last week, as if I sit and do nothing for hours at a time here.  So first thing this morning, I need to get started on a quote for one of our clients who wants to add some online features to their current business model.  It’s a pretty cool idea, and I’m pretty sure we can work out the programming for what they need.  It will basically have to be a log-in based secure system in three tiers.  The top level will be our client, the next one down would be their client, and then the bottom layer being the client’s client.  I know it sounds a little convoluted when it’s so generalized, but in my head it all makes sense.  The bottom level users will be able to make payments on items set up by the clients, and then reports on the payments can be made for each level.