Monday Optimistic

So I believe one of my biggest downfalls is being optimistic on Mondays.  I expect to walk in to work, sit down at my desk and have nothing new to do.  I don’t think that there has ever been a Monday like that, but I keep believing there will be, you know, to start the week off right.  That’s the funny thing about Mondays at DDA, since we’re not your usual place of business, there’s always something different going on.  So of course instead of taking a leisurely morning, lounging in the kitchen over a bagel discussing the weekend, I’m up and running with 50 things to do.  Ok, well, not 50 immediate things to do, but at least 5 for right now.  It won’t be so bad though.  I have a new band to listen to (ok, well not new new, but sort of) and I have a new supply of pistachios and a great lunch to look forward to, so I have the energy to get through the fun things planned for me today (that I don’t know about yet).

So I’m off to upload data to a mysql database from an excel file (even though I left clear instructions on ‘how to’), set up an email account or four, and then maybe I get a bagel.  Apparently we have a dozen asiago today.  After that it’s a trip down programming lane, with a few interruptions regarding random things that only I can accomplish (because I’m great).  So I’ll see you on Tuesday pessimistic.