Monday Programming Fix-ups


It seems like I haven’t been at work on a Monday in ages, between days off and random illnesses.  I would have stayed home today, had this not been the case, but I’m working through not being at the top of my game while at work.  The joys of having kids in the house, they bring home colds from school, and the next morning you wake up wanting just to stay in bed, all weekend.  I didn’t get to stay in bed all weekend, in fact Luke and I got a good start on his Halloween costume (my cosplay friends will be proud), but I certainly wanted to rest, eat soup and just whine.

So today will be full of things to do, otherwise I might be found asleep at my desk.  I have to fix up a minor issue with one of our custom website applications.  It seems I didn’t look far enough ahead and have only one box for ‘hours’ when we need two.  Of course this is going to have the side effect of having to rewrite all of the invoice calculations, but hopefully I’ve been smart enough to only have one or two different calculation formulas that can be easily modified.  At worst, I can do a search of the whole site and find all of the references to the current box, and just add another reference.   Sometimes the programmer wins, sometimes they lose.  Hopefully I’ll be on the winning end today, unlike my football pool pick this weekend.