Morning rituals

Some mornings I feel rather ritualistic.  It’s a good thing, otherwise I forget  to do things.  We learn over time to do things a certain way, to keep a pattern so it’s easy to remember what to do, or maybe it’s just me and my strange behavior.  To spare you the details of my morning getting ready rituals, I’ll skip to work.  I get in, lately I’ve been the first in the parking lot because traffic is so light in the morning in the summer for me, so I’ve had to unlock the door.  I crawl under my desk to turn the power strip on, boot up the computer.  I open my tasklist, email and this blog.  I check my email, send out my tasklist and begin blogging about whatever random stuff I can make up.  Usually by this time (today is no exception) I’m starving waiting to get done with the blog until I can eat, otherwise I don’t get it done due to the intervention of co-workers and their needs.

Unfortunately today, as most days, I don’t have anything directly related to my job here at DDA to write about.  Normally I’d make something up, like go back a day or two and pick a random function that I’ve developed or that I’ve worked with, but I just can’t seem to think of something.  Maybe it’s because I’m hungry, or maybe it’s because it’s Thursday, which is more often than not, like most people’s Friday, and usually more difficult to sit still for, thinking about the weekend (and the further renovations in my case).  I could put the toilet and sink in, or should I paint first or should I do this or that or aaaahhhhh!!!   What’s that got to do with website programming?  Zip.  Custom programming?  Nothing.  I can’t even pull together some silly metaphorical type example today.  So, I’ve spent my 15 minutes (thankfully it’s only been that long, normal mornings I spend at least a half hour writing, sometimes quite a lot longer) and I’m ready to be done with the morning blog.  Now on to coldfusion programming!