Moving the Medical Market Ahead in 2013

As we all make our personal resolutions for the New Year, it’s important to also set professional goals for your business and the role you play in your industry. Healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and biotech companies can all benefit from establishing medical marketing objectives that will prove effective in the fast-moving, technologically driven year ahead. Controversy over regulatory issues will continue to hemorrhage in 2013, but careful planning and innovative approaches will help you stay ahead of the curve. So, what’s going to set you apart, help you gain favorable exposure, and join the public conversation? Below are four medical marketing must-haves for 2013.

Engage in Digital Dialogue on Social Media: Your clients and patients are using social media to stay connected. Consequently, the medical market is left with no other choice but to be present on social media platforms or become irrelevant. One way to engage in digital dialogue is to focus content on disease education. Another possibility is a “social media intervention” in which tips or tools are shared to help patients combat issues like hypertension and obesity. Given its reach, social media has the potential to be an incredibly effective device to spread awareness and have an impact.

Apply Gamification Techniques in Medical Training: Do you recall the famous quote by Confucius, “I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”? Well, I would add to that, “I play, I WIN!” The idea behind the term gamification is to apply game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users. In 2013, consider applying gamification techniques to virtual medical simulation training. It will not only turn a passive user into an active participant, but a competitor who will be driven to master their skills.

Adapt Marketing and Sales to Tablet Technology: Mobile technology is changing the way biotech, pharma, and device companies are interacting with their audiences. Immediate, engaging content through mobile medical applications in our palms creates real-time, on-the-go brand experiences. This year, invest in mobile tablet medical applications and you’ll be able to spark action when and where you want it.

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