Much Aniticipated

In just a few short weeks my younger sister will be starting college. It’s a really exciting time and I can’t wait to help her move in, though I’m sure the day will include a lot of tears and hugs as well as excitement. We are in the process of planning a belated graduation party for the end of this month, and my mother and sister have already gotten most of what’s on her list, so everything seems to be moving along just fine.

At DDA we often have much-anticipated events that require a lot of planning and thinking ahead, like video or photo shoots or large-scale web development projects. A series of live streaming video webcasts we did just a little while ago required a lot of prep and luckily went off without a hitch, and then of course there are the incredibly involved, intricate eLearning platforms we’re presently developing for a few different clients, which include from-scratch 3D animation development, virtual medical simulations, and integrated video. It’s all very exciting, from the beginning of the project right up to the launch.

While every project at DDA gets a good deal of attention, from medical design and brochure development to programming applications, the more innovative ones that push the limits are usually the most anticipated, mainly because we’re all excited to be doing something so different and unique.

Unlike the my sister going to college, the launch of DDA’s projects are not bitter sweet, and because they’re built the right way they don’t lose the power or flavor over time; if anything that they just get that much better.