My Word! You Got Video Games in my Software!

I came across something called Ribbon Hero while reading a Penny Arcade news post this morning. This is probably the most entertainment you’ll ever get out of Microsoft Office. The folks at Microsoft have found a way to make learning Office programs fun – you can increase your score by completing basic tasks, or take on challenges that will expand your knowledge of the programs exponentially.

Its a brilliant idea, and something to think about as far as a method for teaching the finer points in any given software package. Imagine this concept applied to Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, or Lightwave 3D. You could learn new things about any given image editor, website design program, or 3D animation software suite while still being hands-on with the software! Imagine the potential; most users of these programs only typically know the base 30% of the software they need to complete universal, basic functions. Applying game design to software in this way will allow users to expand that knowledge, and eventually achieve mastery of their software tools.

If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, or any other Office program on a regular basis (DDA Copywriters, this means you!) I urge you to check out Ribbon Hero!

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